Meet the Cogburn Wire Company

"Fill your hands" with the best Ag Software

Producer-built tech

Built by Ag people for Ag people

Fixes with horsepower

Fast, powerful and easy solutions

More time farming

Less time wasted

Support = Real folks

Chat with a person, not a dang bot

Out in the open

We let you see how it's working

Eliminating Problems

Your challenges in our cross-hairs

Barbed wire Got the job done then

Software does now

It wasn’t a new law that created opportunity for agriculture to grow in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. It was an invention: barbed wire. It made farming more accessible, protected crops, kept livestock contained and led to prosperity for countless families. Today, producers have supply chain, market, regulatory and other challenges that threaten to “trample their crops” as well.

Cogburn Wire Company believes that software is the barbed wire of the 21st century. We build solutions that help farmers and ranchers, and we love what we do.


AG TECH YOU'll love

Producers are tired of being told by people who have never worked a day on a farm or ranch that they’ve built something that will “solve all their problems.” Cogburn Wire Company does it differently. Every member of our leadership team has farmed. We work directly with producers to build our software, asking for feedback at every, single step of the way.¬†

We never build a sports car solution for a problem that needs a (insert your favorite truck brand here) pickup truck. We want you to see your farm/ranch in our software.

We named our business Cogburn Wire Company because it takes grit to charge at supply chain, market and regulation problems head on. We built a team that listens to you, builds useful software and charges at your problems, reigns in teeth, guns a-blazing. We can’t wait to work with you.

Joshua Palmer; CEO
Jason Buchanan; CTO
Amy Buchanan; CFO
Matt Deakin; COO